Doona Cleaning Melbourne

prices from $38 for Singles and $48 for Double/Queen $58 for King. All prices include two pillows. Extra pillows at $8. Prices include GST.

Step by step instruction list for Same Day Doona Cleaning Services;

Step 1: Must drop off by 9am for Same Day Services

Step 2: Dropped off at this address 3/112 Hammond Road Dandenong, VIC 3175

between 7:30am – 4:30pm Mon – Fri

Step 3: Same Day Collection is after 3pm or Next day collection can be anytime.


Give your doona new warmth and years of extended life with the best doona cleaning Melbourne has to offer. We are proud to deliver exceptional quality and service when it comes to doona washing Melbourne residents can trust.

It is recommended that you get doona cleaning done every few years to keep it sanitary and to rejuvenate the filling. A duvet that hasn’t been cleaned in a while is a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. Dust mites naturally release allergens that can be triggers for asthma, eczema, hay fever and irritated sinuses. Over time the tiny feather shafts in your duvet break down leaving a residue of dust particles in your quilt which causes it to be flatter and lose heat easier. This can leave your doona feeling less comfortable and cold at night. For duvet washing Melbourne households recommend, trust the professional team at Mess Kit.

It is a good idea to get professional duvet cleaning to kill all bacteria and dust mites and remove body oils. Professional doona washing will also help prevent bacteria from accumulating again in your quilt and remove any lingering odours. We take great care during your doona washing to thoroughly clean and freshen your quilt. We start by washing with a stain remover and deodoriser; a second wash is done using fabric softener; finally we thoroughly rinse and dry. We do not use any dry-cleaning chemicals which can be an irritant to people with sensitive skin. Your freshly cleaned duvet is then hygienically packed, ready to be returned to you.

Please note that woollen doonas can not be wet washed. It is the customer’s responsibility to check suitability for wet washing.

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